Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leica Thus Far

Didn't submit this on time for the screening so I'm posting this here to get as much feedback as possible. Missing the dialogue and in the process of tightening up shots and reboarding the ending.

Some things unclear in the leica:
during the cartoon comercial, his mom yells at him offscreen to go eat breakfast before tv, the cereal he initially pours is branded the same as his favorite show, and the cereal his mom gives him is nasty, dry, pasty bran.

Looking at this now, it feels that I spent all this time worrying about whether or not things made sense that the entertainment part is missing. I really need help so any comments or suggestions would be awesome!


DEI said...

It's looking really good man! I look forward to seeing this film.

Clayton Tsang said...

thanks dei! love your film too, so simple yet unique. best of luck man